Tom Ford on why he ‘often laughed out loud’ at House of Gucci screening

Tom Ford has revealed he “often laughed out loud” at a recent screening of House of Gucci. The gay fashion guru was head of the label from 1994 to 2004.

The new Ridley Scott-directed true crime drama starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver dropped last month to mixed-to-positive reviews.

Its plot focuses on Patrizia Reggiani, who married into the Gucci family and spent 16 years in prison after being convicted of arranging the murder of her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci in 1995.

In an essay for Airmail published this week, Ford gave decidedly mixed feedback on the biopic and said: “Was it a farce or a gripping tale of greed? I often laughed out loud, but was I supposed to?”

The 60-year-old continued: “I was deeply sad for several days after watching House of Gucci, a reaction that I think only those of us who knew the players and the play will feel. It was hard for me to see the humour and camp in something that was so bloody.”

Ford did however have praise for Gaga, calling the ‘Bad Romance’ singer “The true star of the film for me […]. . It is her film, and she steals the show. In her often over-the-top portrayal of Patrizia Gucci, her accent migrates occasionally from Milan to Moscow. But who cares? Her performance is spot-on.”

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