Toilet Sex! But Also With Feet!

Listen, we’re not here to judge
what you’re jacking to.


This photo set came to me with just the title “Cocks, Socks, and Sneaks,” and no description. But I liked the little story the photos told so much that I made it into a post anyway. For your Tuesday Afternoon Boredom Prevention:

Cocks, Socks, and Sneaks:




You can pop over to Spritzz to see the free clip of this scene, but a lot of it is just that sub dude with the socks in his face going “uhhhhhh-uhhhh-uhhhh-uhhhh-uhh” into a urinal while he gets pounded from behind.


– tyler

One thought on “Toilet Sex! But Also With Feet!

  1. LOL the things guys do for money!
    But the dark haired, bearded uncut guy is interesting.

    No worries about any of the posts Tyler I’m sure there are some out there that find it all a turn on one way or the other.

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