TitanMen: Dallas Steele, David Anthony and Luke Adams Fuck

Stopover in Bonds Corner concludes with an epic fuck gathering between Luke “Luscious Butt” Adams, David “Dick Slinger” Anthony, and Dallas “They Don’t Call Him” Steele “For Nothing!” Luke’s come to make it up to his coach. Instead of some lame apology or washing his car in short shorts, he starts sucking David and Dallas’ cocks! He also offers his big sexy butt up for a deep dicking! THIS is how you make it up to someone. As long as you’re hot. We don’t want Grandma attempting this.

Luke takes turns on their huge cocks, opening wide as he chokes. The two suck him back, Luke soon fucking Dallas as David feeds the bottom. Luke then gets on all fours, the two studs taking turns stuffing him at each end: “Suck my buddy’s dick!” yells David as he fucks him. “That’s it, boy!” David fucks Dallas—Luke opening wide as the two shoot, stuffing both of their cum-soaked dick heads in his mouth at once.

I need to get most of the porn stars on this blog to transgress against me so they can make it up to me in this fashion. Check out the entire scene HERE.

Michael Xavier

We’re experiencing some technical difficulties, but click on the picture below to watch the teaser.


At least the pics are working!









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