‘Thor’s Loki May Be Queer In New Series, According to Report

According to a report at We Got This Covered, insider Daniel Richtman says that Loki will be more like his comic book self in the upcoming Disney+ show in that he’ll have two love interests, one male and one female.

On set rumors also hint that we might see some of Lady Loki —In the comics, Loki is gender fluid and changes form to be a woman sometimes. A picture of actress Sophia Di Martino on set in an outfit that looks a lot like a gender swapped version of Loki’s costume has led some to believe that she’ll be playing the femme version of the character. Still, others guess she’ll be playing magical supervillain The Enchantress.

Not much is actually known about the series, but rumors have been flying. The show will feature time travel, leading some to believe that Richard E. Grant, who was cast in the series as a so-far undisclosed role, will be playing an older version of Loki. Other reports say that last year’s Marvel casting call for “a trans actress in her 20s or 30s” is for the show as well.

Those rumors suggest that Sera, a transgender angel from Marvel Comics, could be a character in Loki, and that she could then maybe make the jump to movies in the future.

In the comics, Loki is constantly shapeshifting and is at his best when portrayed as a queer trickster, so seeing that part of the character come to life on screen would be great. Filming and production for Loki has been delayed because of the pandemic, but the show is still scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in 2021.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been justifiably criticized for its lack of inclusion and diversity, but it looks as though that could be changing. Upcoming movies The Eternals and Thor: Love and Thunder have been confirmed to feature queer characters.

Brian Tyree Henry is set to play Phastos, a gay superhero with a husband and children in The Eternals, and Tessa Thompson has confirmed that her character Valkyrie will get a female love interest in the upcoming Thor sequel. Both movies have been delayed due to the pandemic.

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