This Redhead Is Looking For A Hot Daddy.

I’ve tasted the rainbow when it comes to guy, but I’ve yet to get with a redhead. (I did get close with this ginger cub in Arkansas once, but alas.) Redheads might be taking over gay porn, but I don’t see ‘em too much in my neck of the woods.

Maybe I need to head out to west, because BenTheFox is quite the San Francisco treat. And he’s definitely not afraid to show off that cute butt of his. He exclusively wants guys in their 40s and 50s though, so I don’t qualify… But hey, maybe you do!


Check out more pictures from this hot bottom below:





Head over here to see more pics, view his full profile or send him a message.



6 thoughts on “This Redhead Is Looking For A Hot Daddy.

  1. Damn, I qualify, but unfortunately I’m 2,562 miles away. You left out the cutest pic of him—the one in which his left ear is glowing.

  2. Gingers are my fave…don’t know why but they just turn my crank more than anyone else. This guy is a real hottie… Just like wrt294, I qualify but I live almost 800 miles away…lol…

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