This Man Has An Incredible Penis. (II)

When pulling pics for our Manhunt Now posts, I’ve been known to “accidentally” see a members’ private pictures. I am one-hundred percent certain it would be unethical to show you Manhunt member RisMa82‘s wang without his permission, but I am only fifty percent certain whether it’s okay to tell you that it’s absolutely beautiful.

This furry, 28 year-old fellow from Madrid lists himself as versatile, so let me take a moment to acknowledge that he’s also got a very nice ass… But we need to talk about his dick! It’s 8.5 inches long, 5.5 inches thick, hooded in a scrumptious foreskin and comes with a pair of extremely lickable nuts. I would do things with that dick! Things that involve my mouth, things that involve my ass, and things that involve him putting it wherever he wants to put it.

But, uh, you’re gonna have to get him to unlock to see the pics.

– Dewitt

See some pictures that aren’t RisMa82’s penis below:







Head over here to see more pics, read his profile or send a message!



11 thoughts on “This Man Has An Incredible Penis. (II)

  1. Where is the cock pictures? LOL Men in Spain are very hot and sexy. They are the real Spanish men.

  2. Is the new standard for this blog 3 posts a day? Not trolling, just genuinely curious. Thanks.

  3. Depends on the given day! I’ve adopted some new responsibilities at our parent company, so yes, the standard is 3-5 posts a day. (I generally aim for 4.)

    I’ve also been trying to find a healthier balance between the blog and my life, so I’m not checking traffic stats over dinner or working through an entire weekend. Believe me, it takes a lot of restraint to NOT do more than I’m doing now.

  4. OMG. You fucking tease. You build a post around his incredible penis and then don’t show it! That’s just cruel. I think you have to post a pic of your penis as penance.

  5. There are enough pictures of my penis floating around that I’m surprised most of you haven’t seen it already.

  6. Does it have any identifying tattoos or your name on it somewhere that one might be able to easily identify it? Or is it half hidden behind a wall so that we can only see one half of it or something? (for example)

    Help a brother out here and post it again, please. Maybe even feature it in its own post and see if that post turns out to be the most viewed in MHD history. I’d view it several times I’m sure.

  7. I think the dude is transgender and just hairy. No dick to be seen for miles, cut or uncut. He’s a she until proven otherwise.

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