This Is When ‘Schitt’s Creek’s Final Season Is Hitting Netflix

After a historic Emmys week, looks like we have one more last bit of Schitt’s Creek news for you. Having aired its sixth and final season on PopTV in Canada earlier this year, it’s finally coming to the streaming giant Netflix.

Now is as good a time as ever to really take stock of the Schitt’s Creek trajectory. The show started as a small half-hour ideated by father and son duo Eugene and Dan Levy. To cobble together a budget they inked multiple deals in a piece-meal project that wrangled just enough to cover it all. And where the budgets didn’t cover (namely in the lavish wardrobe Dan had in mind to clothe the Rose family) Dan pitched in himself.

The plot is simple enough: the moneyed Rose family was now without their riches. The only possesseions of substance they had left to their names were the aforementioned clothes and the ownership of a small town named Schitt’s Creek that the father Johnny Rose, played by Eugene, bought for his son David, played by Dan, as a joke. And so the first season started, and not necessarily to rave reviews.

“A gentle reminder that TV shows need time and space to lay foundation, to develop, and to grow,” Dan wrote to Twitter Monday, following a historic sweep at the Emmys. “In the wrong hands, this show would have been yanked off the air in season 1 for ‘underperforming.’ Thank you [CBC and Pop TV] for letting us fly.” And fly it did (with a budget that didn’t change much apparently.)

After Dan Levy took a more leading role behind the scenes as head writer (this change happened in season three) and even sometimes director (the first episode of season six was his solo directoral debut,) the series began to really come into its own. Schitt’s Creek was famously a town without homophobia, and David Rose’s pansexual character was finding himself outside of the high society snobbery he had grown up in. This alongside the delightfully comedic Alexis Rose who also began to mature, in a truly amazing portrayal by actress Annie Murphy. Round that out with the verbose Moira Rose played by Catherine O’Hara and the dad-in-dad-jokes Johnny, and it’s a family anyone could fall in love with. Pair all of this with Netflix picking up the show for global audiences and the show was ready for an explosion. Explode it has.

Schitt’s Creek‘s sixth and final season will hit Netflix in the U.S. and Canada on October 7. The news comes on the heels of the show picking up a historic nine Emmy awards, the first time any show has ever won all of the acting awards for its genre (in this case comedy.) And while it still doesn’t sound lik Levy has any plans on getting the gang back together any time soon, we can’t wait for what the past Out 100 honoree and Out cover star has in store next.

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