This Homoerotic Short Film Starring Justice Smith Is Going Viral on TikTok

Out actor Justice Smith had another queer role before HBO Max’s gone-too-soon series Genera+ionand a scene from the short film is going viral all over TikTok

Query stars the Jurassic World actor alongside Graham Patrick Martin. Call Me By Your Name‘s Armie Hammer even makes a cameo. In the film, a dare takes a homoerotic turn as best friends and roommates, Jay and Alex, “challenge one another on their opinions of sexuality,” the official description reads. 

The film is just eight minutes long but fans old and new are clamoring for more. “I can’t believe I got so deeply invested in two characters within the space of 8 minutes,” one comment reads. “I…want more. I know it’s a ‘short’ film but yeah. Can we have more? Make this into a ‘long’ movie? Just think about it is all I’m asking,” said another viewer. 

With the renewed interest from TikTok, who knows what might happen…

Watch Query below:

Via Pride

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