This Guy’s On Manhunt?!?

It’s a question we get a lot. Why would a stunningly gorgeous dude with a heavenly body like _BoBo_ need a Manhunt profile? Doesn’t he just have cocks and asses being thrown at him left and right? Cynical bitches! There could be A MILLION reasons why a demigod has a Manhunt profile.

Maybe he likes the online socializing. Could be, he’s just looking for gay friends in his area. Maybe he doesn’t have time to corral all the random dick and butt that’s presented to him at all hours of the day. Maybe he’s shy! Maybe he’s socially awkward despite his beauty! Perhaps he’d like to meet guys in a atmosphere where you can get to know someone without thumping club beats drowning out both your words. Perhaps meeting guys online and arranging for a hookup is convenient or part of the turn-on!

Manhunt has all TYPES of guys. 7 million and counting, in fact. Don’t discriminate against  _BoBo_  because of his beauty. Because, inside, we all just want to be loved. And fucked. Hard.

– J. Harvey

Check out more pics of _BoBo_ below:








uID22629224_picID40021280120 (1)

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10 thoughts on “This Guy’s On Manhunt?!?

  1. Wtf with the overly shaped eyebrows. I can take torsos or pubes hairy trimmed or smooth, but anything other than minimal eyebrow trimming is a buzzkill

  2. fake profile probably. i like this blog, but the original manhunt is filled with loser guys posting fake pics. sooo annoying

  3. I so agree with you. I gave up my manhunt account… i used to like the chat function but then that was ruined somehow… anyway… i like this blog, check it out once a day… but prefer the immediacy of apps for the hooks up. And Manhunt’s app is lousy.

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