This Dude’s Bubble Butt CANNOT Be Real.

I can’t tell if it’s rude or a compliment to suggest someone’s ass is so round and luscious that they must have implants. It’s just difficult for me to understand how Manhunt member “Dannyel_hotmx” has such a tiny, lean torso paired with a ridiculously gigantic booty. I’m pretty sure he could make Nicki Minaj jealous with those cheeks. “Damn” was the first word that came to mind when I saw them, because damn, I want to write sixty-nine love songs about this butt.

Is this dude on the same diet as Rafael Alencar? Are there some laws in Mexico City that you can’t live there unless you’ve got a totally scrumptious rump? Did Sir Mix-A-Lot write “Baby Got Back” about Manhunt member “Dannyel_hotmx“, then travel back in time to release it in 1992 with the pronouns changed? Can we honestly believe that this butt is for real?

These are the questions, and I fear we may never have the answers.

– Dewitt

Look at the pictures below and decide whether this butt’s actually real:






He has dick pics too! Head over here to see them.



13 thoughts on “This Dude’s Bubble Butt CANNOT Be Real.

  1. why does it look like theirs a light shining from his ass in the 2nd last pic?………

  2. I posted this under the wrong article. Damn you literacy, you win this round. Apologies to the sexy man.

  3. It’s a gross comment to make no matter what the context. Haters gonna hate and they won’t shut up.

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