This Boy Is A (Power) Bottom!

I’ve noticed a refreshing trend, especially amidst the 18-24 crowd, in which guys wear their identity as bottoms with pride… And, honestly, why shouldn’t they? Every man has a prostate, and if you’ve ever been fucked properly, then you already know how incredible it feels to cum with a dick up your butt. Nobody should ever be ashamed about loving that sensation, so for the sake of my dick, please ignore all the machismo bullshit that implies tops are superior. Bottoms make the world go round.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to 22 year-old Manhunt member wearetrees, a self-proclaimed passive power bottom who knows what he wants. You can find him (and his deliciously smooth ass) in Mexico City, and if you’re lucky enough, you might even have the opportunity to help him explore his kinkier side with some group sex, role play or spanking.

But, uh, even just getting your tongue on his sweet hole would be enough, wouldn’t it?

– Dewitt

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20 thoughts on “This Boy Is A (Power) Bottom!

  1. DAMN now that is a perfectly hOt beefy BUBBLE BUTT~bubbledelicious (_O_) 😉
    Send a message? It’s in Spanish…translation please!?

  2. I do not mind all the proud and out bottoms out there yes they do make the world go around. But damm it so many of them have dicks I would rather have up my bumm than my screwing their asses and eating them.

  3. That’s why everyone needs to be versatile. A world where every homo loves taking dick just as much as they love giving it.

  4. I love a person that knows what they want, how they want it and knows how to get it. Makes sex 10x better and more fun

  5. The only reason bottoms are stigmatized as powerless or less powerful is because of our insanely limited conceptions of dominance and submission. For example, if you see a guy “catching”, but he’s sitting on top of the guy “pitching,” hands on his chest like it’s a steering wheel and riding him like a pro rodeo cowboy rides a prize bull, rendering the pitcher–who’s lying pinned to the bed by the catcher’s body–practically paralyzed with pleasure, who would you say is “in charge”? 😉

    If anyone needs an idea of what I’m talking about, take a look at the couple Mickey & Ian on Shameless, specifically their first fuck scene early in the series.

  6. It’s misogyny basically. The one being penetrated is seen as ‘the woman’ and since women are seen as less in our culture, the bottom must obviously be less as well.

  7. Indeed, but misogyny is more what allows people to see pink as a weak color, or wearing dresses as weak, or listening to sad music as feminine and therefore weak. Whether or not a bottom is seen as the woman, it’s because he’s taking the dick that he’s seen as submissive and not dominant.

  8. Being embarrassed about being a bottom is a relic of older gay culture. Young guys these days have no problem with it and don’t look at it as any reflection on their masculinity. Most guys my age are pretty vers anyway. It’s just the older gays that still think about this kind of thing.

  9. I don’t know why bottoms should not be proud.. It takes two to tango.

    I am proud to be a bottom as it is just who I am. I workout hard to stay in great shape for all the sexy men out there.

    I am also proud to say I am a size queen, cock worshiper and submissive power bottom for huge hung sexy Alpha Studs.

    I love huge hung sexy men sooo much! It is my fantasy, dream, desire and destiny to worship and pleasure huge hung Alpha Studs. I know this IS my destiny and I LOVE it!

    If there are any hung men out there who might be interested you can contact me by the same username on G male. 🙂

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