Things Get Hairy For Trey Turner And Landon Kovak

I had a guy I regularly tricked with who used to LOVE that I’m sorta hairy. When I say love, I mean he would run his face and cock up and down the soft hair on my legs, chest, thighs, and butt. It felt really good although, after awhile, I was like STICK IT IN MY ASS, YOU FOOL! (I didn’t verbalize that.) Hairy can be really hot. It symbolizes masculinity and virility, and MY favorite part of a hairy guy is when my head is between his thighs, and the hair is gently brushing my face while I stuff my face with his cock. You feel warm and content! This is why I wanted to show you guys this new scene with Trey Turner and Landon Kovak for Pridestudios.

Two sexy otter-types meet near the pool, take it inside, and fuck their brains out. Body hair is like an aphrodisiac! Click here for more of Trey and Landon!

Michael Xavier



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