There Is A Man With A 10 Inch Dick In The New Big Dipper Music Video.

There must be a director’s cut of Big Dipper‘s “Skank” music video somewhere. The thick, hirsute rapper brought on board gay porn star Boomer Banks, extremely attractive human Brett Edward Stout and a lively cast of characters for the visual, yet for some inexplicable reason, nobody deepthroats Boomer’s 10 inch schlong or eats Dipper’s hairy ass within the duration of the clip. This is pure lunacy! It’s unacceptable in every sense of the word.

Should Big Dipper’s fans stage a protest and demand a refund from Kickstarter, since the Pretty Woman-inspired “Skank” video doesn’t embody the ultimate level of skankiness? Probably not! They seem to be happy with the final results thus far, and even flawless sex god Angel Rock has provided his seal of approval (which surely has nothing to do with the fact that he’s currently dating one of the stars).

At the end of the day, I suppose I’ll give my seal of approval too. The song itself doesn’t hang with me as much as other queer hip-hop by I.K.P. or even Dipper’s collaboration with Hand Job Academy, but I’ve got to admit that director Tobin Del Cuore came very, very close to topping the pair’s breakout clip for “Drip Drop“.

– Dewitt

Watch Big Dipper’s music video for “Skank” below:



9 thoughts on “There Is A Man With A 10 Inch Dick In The New Big Dipper Music Video.

  1. What a piece of trash…GROSS!
    Somebody actually spent money for this 5min disaster?
    Totally waste of time and embarrassment and I say why?

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