The URGE – Pound That Butt

HotHouse’s “The URGE – Pound That Butt,” directed by Tony Dimarco, seems to be a nice breath of fresh air compared to 6-million pool scenes, and 8-million matchy-matchy highlighter harness gangbangs on fluorescent furniture.


This new film really closes-in on making dungeon sex come-to-life. Dimarco really understands camera angles, sound, and how to heighten your senses through his films – you can almost smell the leather and feel the muggy, seedy sex club air. He also isn’t shy to only use the HotHouse A-Team exclusives, such as Austin Wolf, Sebastian Kross, Jacob Peterson, Johnny V, Jimmy Durano, Alexander Gustavo, XL, and Logan Moore. All the models are perfectly chiseled, with the perfect amount of body-hair and sweat, with incredible asses, and cocks so very hung.


All of this is refreshing — but is it too much for the HotHouse fanbase (people are actually getting tied up)? I like this scene, I really do, and the style in which it’s filmed is fantastic. I still wonder though… will we miss Christian Owen’s lighter, more colorful films?


One thought on “The URGE – Pound That Butt

  1. HotHouse is my favourite studio… partly because I think the jock/sporty scenarios they do so much and partly because I like their choices for models. That said, even though I’m not into leather, this movie looks hot. Logan Moore? Austin Wolf? Yes, please.

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