The Top Ten Celebs in Speedos

It’s true: we’ve been down for awhile now! Our beloved Dewitt dutifully managed our services for many years and provided us with numerous stories on cocks, butts and everything in between. The good news is that we are actually splitting content across multiple new formats and sites, which will feature more opportunities for our loyal readers to engage, see the hottest content and naturally, get back to our adult ways. Stay tuned for more information about our new blogs, too!

In the interim, our friends at Mr. Skin have compiled their Top Ten Celebs in Speedos, which we are happy to report and share with you below. It’s a fact: hot guys bulge out in tight swimwear. Okay, so they’re not completely nude. But sometimes it’s the tease that’s greater than the please, especially if a Hollywood hunk is bulging out in a tight-fitting swim suit!



10.) Hank Azaria in Along Came Polly

9.) Kevin Bacon in Friday the 13th


8.) Alec Baldwin in Married to the Mobbaldwin-married-to-mob-c1dc6f44_infobox

7.) Adrian Brody in Houdini


6.) Bryan Cranston in Seeing Other Peoplecranston-seeing-other-people-bed746b7_infobox5.) Matt Damon in Behind the Candelabra

damon-behind-candelabra-471b1787_infobox4.) Jerry O’Connell in We Are Men

o-connell-we-are-men-ef27d575_infobox3.) Gordon Ramsey in Hotel Hell

ramsay-hotel-hell-782ce39c_infobox2.) Ignacio Serricchio in Bad Asses

serricchio-bad-asses-f1f29143_infobox1.) Heath Ledger in Two HandsTwo_Hands-14_infobox




17 thoughts on “The Top Ten Celebs in Speedos

  1. Um, technically speaking MH Daily if free…but at least you gave it a chance bro!

  2. You haven’t posted in over a week and this is what we get? REALLY? WHAT A WASTE OF SPACE! Well I guess its time to move on to other blogs.

  3. It always has been. All the posts about the latest porn actor (or a washed-up porn actor), events that MH sponsors, member profiles that require a paid membership to see most pictures – virtually every MHD post has been about monetizing the eyeballs of the readers. And you’re surprised?

  4. washed up rehashed crap, i can get this from TMZ if they were REALLY desperate, can we get some REAL stories, or did Dewitt get axed and not just moved on…..while he was not always pleasant, at least he did post something occasionally entertaining

  5. What is with all the surprise about this post? Have you guys been operating under the false conclusion that this FREE blog site was just posting info on random topics and not getting money anywhere? It’s all always been sponsored content. Get over it. Remember that it’s costing you nothing. If you don’t like it, move along or wait for the next FREE post and see how you feel about it.

  6. My personal opinion about speedos…No matter how gorgeous the man, nobody looks good in a speedo.

  7. I have to agree with everybody: this is the laziest, and lamest list I have ever seen on this site. Not only will a causal google search pull of a better list (you could make a top ten with just Aussie celebs alone) but anybody could pull a better one out of their own ass. David Duchovny’s red speedo in X-Files would have broken the internet today.

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