The Ten: Jesse Jackman Wins (Again), Marco Retires & Dustin Leer Makes A Particularly Impressive Debut

For the second week in a row, Titan Men exclusive Jesse Jackman has taken first place on The Ten, our weekly countdown of the sexiest men. But, as you know, he shouldn’t get too comfortable up there! He’s going to have some stiff competition in this round, as speedo-clad model Dustin Leer, former champion Benjamin Godfre, pretty jock Eli Stein and five new competitors attempt to make a grab for his crown.

Thankfully, he won’t have to worry about Fratmen‘s Marco, who will finally be retired after ten strong weeks on the countdown. Marco’s in good company with last week’s leftovers—Radek Krucsek, Marcio & Marcos Patriota, Jason Borish, Drew and Sylvain Guillemaud—all of whom failed to gain enough votes to stay in the mix. Better luck next time, guys!

For those of you who are just joining us, here’s how the game works. Each week, we’ll feature ten extremely sexy men to choose from. You can vote for up to two of these studs, and only the five with the highest amount of votes will move on to the next round. The remaining five slots will be filled the following week by men who you’ve suggested, as well as a handful of hotties selected by your favorite bloggers (that would be us).

To keep things interesting, each participant will be retired after ten weeks on the charts. They have the opportunity of returning in the future, provided that they produce another hot video, photo shoot or anything worthy of a Manhunt Daily post.

Now let’s forget about the rules for a second and focus on what really matters–who should be on top next week? You have until next Tuesday to pick your two favorite guys, so hop to it and make your vote count!

– Dewitt

To view this week’s rankings and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

In the grand tradition of ten words or less…

1. JESSE JACKMAN (LW – 1, W3): You’re killing us, Titan Men! Release his first scene already!

2. DUSTIN LEER (LW – 10, W2): Those beefy thighs tell no lies. Dustin’s in second place.

3. MARCO (LW – 3, W10, RETIRED): Kiss that ass goodbye! Marco’s been retired from the countdown.

4. BENJAMIN GODFRE (LW – 2, W7): Fourth place? Seriously? You need to step it up, Benjaminions!

5. ELI STEIN (LW – 8, W2): That wholesome smile makes us wish we could corrupt him.

6. HADI BASHANG (DEBUT): When he plays the banjo, we jizz a little bit.

7. ERINGTON MOORE (DEBUT): It’s not déjà vu. He appeared on this list too.

8. JOHNNIE / CODY COOPER (DEBUT): Oh, hey, this video might influence the way you vote…

9. MARCELO DALEVA (DEBUT): Silly, Marcelo! You’re not supposed to swim with clothes on.

10. ABE (DEBUT): Dopey smile and hairy chest, with a whopper down below.

22 thoughts on “The Ten: Jesse Jackman Wins (Again), Marco Retires & Dustin Leer Makes A Particularly Impressive Debut

  1. Sorry, I don’t get the Jesse Jackman love at all. But, hey, to each his own. My 2 faves this week: Abe and Hadi Bashang.

  2. There’s a lot of things I’d like to do to Marco’s ass besides kiss it (although maybe we can start with that), but congrats on a great run!

    Soooooo many other hot choices this week!  This is a HARD decision!

  3. Jesse Jackman: the whole montage just says “male” … he’s almost iconic in that picture, like some erstwhile pictures of Goldberg.  And I also had to go with Eli Stein, just cuz he really -does- look impossibly wholesome and ruggedly good looking at the same time.

  4. Thanks for voting, guys! Gotta root for myself, of course… but also for Dustin Leer, who’s a buddy of mine and a great guy. Go Justin! BTW my first scene’s finally out over at Titan! Check out my blog at for more pics! 🙂 -JJ

  5.  Tell Dustin he needs to do more modeling! That photo shoot with Allan Spiers is making us way-too-happy in the pants.

    PS: Just saw the still on your blog! Can’t wait to watch the full scene.

  6. Wait, you and Dustin are friends?!?  Where is the photographic evidence?  Why is there no photo shoot of you guys together for us to drool over?  What a fucking tease!  Hmm, I may have to take back my vote for you, Mr. Jackman.  Give the people what they want!!

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