The Ten: Colby Melvin Is The Sexiest Man of The Moment

Drop everything and stop doing whatever unimportant thing you’re doing! It’s time for another round of The Ten, otherwise known as Manhunt Daily‘s weekly countdown of the “Sexiest Men of The Moment“. We’ve got quite a lineup for you today, so we hope you’re prepared to choose sides and make some difficult decisions…

Most notably, are you #TeamColbyMelvin or #TeamJulianGabriel?

Or are you #TeamSomeoneElseAltogether? If you’re #TeamGronk, #TeamMarkus, #TeamTwinkySlutLips, #TeamRustin or #TeamHirsutePerfection, we have some terrible news for you! Your team no longer exists. Sorry about that. You might have better luck next year (or whenever the hell your chosen guy appears in the competition again).

For those of you who are just joining us, here’s how the game works. Each week, we’ll feature ten extremely sexy men to choose from. You can vote for up to two of these guys, and only the five with the highest amount of votes will move on to the next round. The remaining five slots will be filled the following week by men who you’ve suggested, as well as a handful of attractive fellows selected by your favorite bloggers (that would be us).

To keep things interesting, each participant will be retired after ten weeks on the charts. They have the opportunity of returning in the future, provided that they produce another hot video, photo shoot or anything worthy of a Manhunt Daily post.

Now let’s forget about the rules for a second and focus on what really matters–who should be on top next week? You have until next Tuesday to pick your two favorite contestants, so hop to it and make your vote count!

– Dewitt

To view this week’s rankings and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

In the grand tradition of ten words or less…

1. COLBY MELVIN (LW – 6, W2): We gave you eleven reasons he should win. You listened.

2. JULIAN GABRIEL HERNANDEZ (LW – 1, W8): The winning streak’s over, but there’s time for a comeback!

3. BEN COHEN (LW – 3, W7): Couldn’t his underwear line have involved some skimpier styles? Thongs?

4. ALLEN SILVER (LW – 2, W3): Imagine running your fingers through his chest hair… Mmm, daddy!

5. NICCO SKY (LW – 10, W2): He might be the most fuckable man in the universe.

6. THOM EVANS (DEBUT): This shot’s better than half the naked pics on here.

7. DANIEL (DEBUT): Salt and pepper dude in his twenties. Also, nice balls.

8. TROY DANIELS (DEBUT): The engagement might be off, but our lust still lingers.

9. CEDRICK KERN (DEBUT): Was he sculpted by the gods of gay sex? Maybe.

10. DEAN CARLSON (DEBUT): In his own words, he’s a “big bottom”. Yes please!


16 thoughts on “The Ten: Colby Melvin Is The Sexiest Man of The Moment

  1. How about a break from the normal top ten for the next two weeks and do a top ten Olympians? You could hold over this weeks winners until after that. Just a suggestion!

  2. Colby, Julian and Thom are hot for a start. Plus a couple of others just not in great photos. The rest of the guys average.

  3. Would be nice to talk to these guys or hear there voices on here. These guys may be “Pretty” , but what if they’re nelly queens? Now, THAT’S unattractive. It would make for a more fair decision on who is HOT if we could hear them, don’t you think? Personality is everything! Pretty is, as pretty does. 

  4. Since this is the last post for today, uh, could I mention that in gay news, Gore Vidal died today…maybe we could mention that tomorrow?…he’s kinda relevant to our culture and stuff.


  5. Uh, CULTURE? Culture would START with “Community”. There is NO “Gay Community” anymore. Just a bunch of selfish, EVIL “Queens” trying to destroy each other. I hate to say it, but it is just THAT! We don’t stick together or have any “Unity”. Getting off of our   cell-phones and other devices, and then “Socializing” (without gossiping or back-stabbing) would be a GREAT start.

  6. surferwog, I can understand you saying 8 men you aren’t attracted to, but in no way shape or form can these men be described as “horrible.”   These are eight good looking men who don’t quite do it for you.

  7. Serious questions: how could anyone besides Julian G-H EVER win??? Anything else is just politics or PCness.

  8. Oh, trust me, the Olympians will be invading next week’s countdown.

    Do you really think I can avoid adding Tom Daley and Danell Leyva?

  9. The #1 reason for me picking Colby Melvin are his freakin awesome lovely eye they kill me <3<3<3

  10. are talking about Troy Daniels cause I find him quite cute and those tattoo make him look ever better

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