The Ten: Ben Cohen Lasts On Top For 3 Whole Weeks

It’s always a joy to take two weeks of gorgeous men and try to cram them into five new slots on The Ten, but I guess that’s what I get for trying to take a vacation like a normal person! Today, we’re picking up where we left off, for the most part. Ben Cohen reigns as “Sexiest Man of The Moment” with Eddie Granger and Kevin Lee right behind him. Zachary Crane maintains fifth place, while Thierry Pepin creeps in to replace Tom Daley.

Thierry, however, was the only newbie to make it through, which spells out bad news for Quinn Jaxon, Nick DiCristina, Carlos Garcia and Duncan Black. Along with Mr. Daley, those four failed to gain enough votes to stay in the mix, so we had to send them packing…

For those of you who are just joining us, here’s how the game works! Each week, we’ll feature ten men to choose from. You can vote for as many contestants as you’d like, and only the five with the highest amount of votes will move on to the next round. The remaining five slots will be filled the following week by men who you’ve suggested, as well as a handful of attractive fellows selected by your favorite bloggers. (That would be us.)

To keep things interesting, each participant will be retired after ten weeks on the charts. They have the opportunity of returning in the future, provided that they produce another hot video, photo shoot or anything worthy of a Manhunt Daily post.

Now let’s forget about the rules for a second and focus on what really matters–who should be on top next week? You have until next Wednesday to pick your favorite contestants, so hop to it and make your vote count!

– Dewitt

See pics of all ten contestants and cast your vote below:

In the grand tradition of ten words or less…


Ben Cohen bulge

1. BEN COHEN (LW – 1, W7): No surprise here! He’s still hot in the year 2014.


Eddie Granger

2. EDDIE GRANGER (LW – 3, W4): So many places you could put your mouth! So many.


Kevin Lee

3. KEVIN LEE (LW – 2, W7): Think Kevin deserves better than this? Then, vote for him!


Thierry Pepin

4. THIERRY PEPIN (LW – 10, W2): Hot male model who’s often placed in extremely tacky underwear.


Zachary Crane

5. ZACHARY CRANE (LW – 5, W4): Cute model who makes dark, vaguely disturbing art. Yes please.


Jarec Wentworth

6. JAREC WENTWORTH (DEBUT): The (sex) artist formerly known as Jarek from Sean Cody.


John Magnum

7. JOHN MAGNUM (DEBUT): Those baby blue eyes looked quite magnificent in “Daddy’s Club“.


Julian Edelman

8. JULIAN EDELMAN (DEBUT): Perhaps you’d be more familiar with this view of him.


Broderick Hunter

9. BRODERICK HUNTER (DEBUT): A great smile, great body, and he likes licking things.




10. ROCKY (DEBUT): Don’t ask me why he gets four pictures. He’s perfect.



17 thoughts on “The Ten: Ben Cohen Lasts On Top For 3 Whole Weeks

  1. Ah Manhunt top ten, I love how you keep trying with black guys. Either you’re hoping for change one day, or you gotta ditch the idea that gay white men are more openminded than everybody else. Come to MInnesota (number 1 city for gays!) and let me re-educate you.

  2. Yes it is sad that some very hot men of color (black and asian) have been placed in this countdown and never make the top 5. It’s interesting how Latino men seem to get in on occasion, though. It just reminds us that most of the men who view this site are limited in their view of what make a man attractive. DeWitt has been showing a variety of men, not just in color but in body type and looks that he has said are attractive and gets grief from men commenting all the time because they don’t fit the “industry standard of beauty”. And closed-minded white men are not limited to the mid-west, they are everywhere. Keep giving us diverse selection and remind all the ones with limited vision that there are all kinds of beautiful men in the world.

  3. You know, all these complainers about men of one race or another not doing well in these polls need to keep one thing in mind: THIS IS BASED ON PEOPLE’S OPINIONS, NOT ON FACTS! The thing about opinions is, however flawed they may be and however much they may depart from some “objective” reality, THEY ARE NEVER WRONG. And like just like everyone has an asshole, every one is entitled to have an opinion. If you don’t like the way it smells, then don’t pursue it.

  4. ben cohen should win. he is sexy and a class act. not to mention he fights for others and loves his family.

  5. you guys are idiots!!! Attraction to someone is personal. I find all types of guys attractive. What I like is from one extreme to the other. And in this top 10 list, Broderick just isn’t attractive in the least. To me, that is. Then again neither are Jarec, Zachary or Thierry.

    And to Ronnie, you say “most of the men who view this site are limited in their view of what makes a man attractive.” But that is based on what makes a man attractive to YOU! Just because you find someone attractive doesn’t mean I, or anyone else, will as well.
    The guys that vote on here are also voting on who they would have sex with NOT who they find attractive. Think about that for a second.

  6. I’d have sex with any and all ten of them………. Especially Broderick ))).
    From a white guy in Iowa.

  7. As a person of color I can tell you that I and others that I have spoken with are insulted not by the lack of color but by the quality of the people of color that are used. Not in every case, but in the majority of cases the people of color that are promoted to any degree are generally stereotypical representations and not very attractive people outside of their niche.
    I do understand that we all have our individual taste, but why is it that it is usually a Diesel Washington or Brandon Lee that is chosen to co star? I don’t begrudge Brandon of Diesel getting work, but there are certainly really good looking people of color that could be used as well. One of the worst offenders of this type of marketing has to be Men At Play. Granted not all of their choices are beautiful, but the not so beautiful Whites that they choose are offset by all the many gorgeous others. Then they turn around and promote someone like Race Cooper who is just not a beautiful person regardless of the industry using him. Great body…yes, but it takes more than a body to be appealing. Oh well, eventually a site will come along that promotes beautiful people of all races.
    I get sooo tired of the BS answer that all people are beautiful and we need to embrace everyone. When I want to get off, I want to see someone that’s hot because they’re hot, I don’t want to see tokens of any race being shown just because they are racially diverse. Oh well

  8. Yeah , I agree with Marley192. Racism will always be here. True racism come from the person not liking themselves an translate their feeling of not being attractive onto others.Most whites seem to think that beauty is on the outside but if you are not nice to people that what is truly unattractive.

  9. Hey Brick – look up the definition of racism! OK? Racism and looks have nothing to do with each other.
    N O T H I N G ! ! !

  10. That’s BS….someone’s entitlement to their opinion doesn’t make it immune from scrutiny or being challenged..that entitlement crap is a red herring that serves as a distraction to what the opinion is. Opinions can VERY MUCH be wrong, but you might as well say you have an entitlement to be wrong, which you have…but that’s irrelevant. If you’re wrong, you can and should be challenged. If you have an ignorant opinion, it can and should be challenged. I think you got facts and opinions wrong, because FACTS are never wrong.

  11. Most, guys do not know that If you find someone unattractive just base on their race that is Racist.

  12. kthxbai U mention facts well here some facts for you A person of color / asian has NEVER MADE IT 2 the top of this list and from all indications they NEVER will . I am not one of these people to believe that everything regarding black and white is based apon race HOWEVER I am also not one of these people who is willing to close my mind and eyes to the reality that is looking me straight in the face , You say that opinion are never wrong I think you are confusing opinions with first impression which are NEVER wrong but OPINIONS so often are but granted EVERYONE has the right to voice their opinions BIAS or not but having said that you also must agree that I and many others have a RIGHT to voice our opinions about opinions that we believe are BIASLY based ..

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