The steamy 10th anniversary trailer for the gay erotic drama ‘Dare’ has arrived

And you thought Cruel Intentions broke down barriers…The 10th Anniversary trailer for the high school drama Dare has arrived. Through the magic of our queer Hollywood connections, we also have the first look.

For those that who a reminder, Dare stars rising starlets Emmy Rossum and Rooney Mara alongside longtime vets Alan Cumming and Sandra Bernhard. The story follows a group of high schoolers (Rossum, Mara, Zach Gilford, and Ashley Springer) who decide to engage in a little sexual experimentation. What starts out as innocent flirtation begins to take on dark and threatening gravity, in particular after the school’s bad boy Johnny (Gilford) and the gay outcast Ben (Springer) develop a passionate connection.

Dare debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and proceeded to earn positive notice on the festival circuit. The new, 10th Anniversary restoration of the film debuts on VOD today, June 1.

Have a look at the exclusive trailer. You’ll need to uncross your legs.

Via Queerty

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