The Queen of Pop Still Reigns In Louis Vuitton Campaign


Yesterday, the first image of Madonna's new Louis Vuitton campaign surfaced. In the context of the upsetting news of Michael Jackson's death, I found this photo to be particularly chilling. This obviously couldn't have been planned, but there's a combination of smugness, serenity and coldness in Madge's expression. 

Her detached look becomes somewhat befuddling, as she sits on her throne continuing her reign as Queen of Pop. For all the scandals within her career, Madonna remains extremely healthy (on a physical level) at 50 years old. Does anyone smell a mystical conspiracy? Maybe all that "I can't stop crying" business is a cover-up for stealing Jackson's youth and energy like Lamia in Stardust! Or maybe I'm just crazy for thinking about stuff like this.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Steven Meisel

5 thoughts on “The Queen of Pop Still Reigns In Louis Vuitton Campaign

  1. a mystical conspiracy? and how long ago do you think this photo was taken? weeks, assuredly; probably months. as if the Vuitton folks knew the date of MJ’s death beforehand and conspired to release this “chilling” image so that silly homosexuals who don’t have anything better to do than worship entirely vacuous celebrities can draw synthetic correlations between their fake grief for a dead celebrity and the fake adoration of another…

  2. Well said, Chuck! I’m surprised DeWitt didn’t conjure some other lame correlation to MJ such as a juxtaposed image of Bubbles the chimp in Madge’s photo….these Manhunt writers have perfected the art of making something out of nothing.

  3. Yes Dewitt, rather uncalled for…she may have been a taker in the past but she is a giver and a donor these days. She invests enough time and money and pampering into her own creation. She doesn’t need to suck on anyone elses energy, she has enough of her own and she isvery happy to share and exchange it with us. They both have very similar career roads, but she took her own path. May he rest in peace though. And may Madonna never stop.

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