The Protest Against Russia Just Got Sexy.

As the editor of Manhunt Daily, it’s my primary goal to keep things lighthearted and sexy in these parts. When you’re cruising on Manhunt for dick with your pants around your ankles, you probably don’t want to see people getting violently abused for their sexuality or watch tear-jerking yet very effective PSAs on the current state of gay rights in the world. (Feel free to notify me if I’m wrong to make that assumption about the effect of politics on your erection.)

Luckily, activism comes in all sorts of form and flavors, whether it’s musical, casual, humorous or as unbelievably catty as this fake Manhunt profile our visionary graphic designer made for Russian president Vladimir Putin. Be sure to click below and read the whole thing. I particularly enjoy the purposeful misspelling of “discreet”, the fact that he’s lying about his age and the long list of interests, which includes “Interpretative Dance”:

Vladimir Putin Manhunt Profile

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about! Just in time for the first week of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Norwegian pop star Annie has responded to the controversial hosting country’s more questionable policies by releasing a new single entitled “Russian Kiss”.

The music video celebrates same-sex love with a ton of passionate, sensual kisses, making the case that activism can be downright sexy… And if that weren’t enough, portions of the song’s iTunes download sales will go to ALLOUT.ORG. I know, I know! Downloading a song won’t directly save the world and smash inequality in the balls, but it’s a nice perk if you actually dig the track.

– Dewitt

Watch the music video for Annie’s “Russian Kiss” below:

Download “Russian Kiss” here.



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