The Locker Room: Prince Fielder’s Butt In The 2014 ESPN Body Issue

Year after year, the ESPN Magazine has delivered naked male athletes in their annual “Body Issue”, even though it’s rather likely that the majority of their demographic would rather gawk at some female tennis player’s boobs. (I know, I know! Gay dudes like sports too.) You get the usual suspects like Patriots player Rob Gronkowski in 2012 and speed skater Apolo Ohno in 2011, but every now and then, there’s someone who shatters our perception of what defines a traditionally “good” body—see silver daddy golfer Gary Player in 2013 and, of course, Olympic bobsledder Steve Holcomb in 2010.

Prince Fielder, a first baseman for the Texas Rangers, fills that role in the 2014 edition. He’s proud to show off his thicker, ink-covered physique, and judging from the number of bearish Tumblrs I’ve seen reblogging his pictures, his positive body image has obviously resonated with a certain faction of the gay community.

“You don’t have to look like an Under Armour mannequin to be an athlete,” Fielder stated. “People probably think I don’t even try to work out, but I do. Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you can’t be an athlete. And just because you work out doesn’t mean you’re going to have a 12-pack.”

If you’re intrigued, you can watch a behind-the-scenes clip of Fielder’s shoot here. He seems like a sweet guy, and even though he’s married with a kid, that probably won’t stop some of you from fantasizing about spreading those meaty baseball player cheeks and going to town on his non-gay hole.

– Dewitt

Check out Prince Fielder naked in his pics for the 2014 ESPN Body Issue below:

Prince Fielder naked in the 2014 ESPN Body Issue showing off his Tesas Rangers baseball body and thick ass, butt and booty booty booty.

Prince Fielder naked in the 2014 ESPN Body Issue showing off his Tesas Rangers baseball body and thick ass, butt and booty booty booty.

Prince Fielder naked in the 2014 ESPN Body Issue showing off his Tesas Rangers baseball body and thick ass, butt and booty booty booty.

Prince Fielder naked in the 2014 ESPN Body Issue showing off his Tesas Rangers baseball body and thick ass, butt and booty booty booty.

Prince Fielder naked in the 2014 ESPN Body Issue showing off his Tesas Rangers baseball body and thick ass, butt and booty booty booty.

Prince Fielder naked in the 2014 ESPN Body Issue showing off his Tesas Rangers baseball body and thick ass, butt and booty booty booty.



53 thoughts on “The Locker Room: Prince Fielder’s Butt In The 2014 ESPN Body Issue

  1. I applaud him for his willingness to participate in the Body Issue and represent a different vision of athleticism to the public.

  2. Again: Why do none of you who are making shitty negative comments realize that not everyone wants some scrawny, hairless stick figure? Get the hell over yourselves.

  3. And we can’t ignore the fact that part of them probably aren’t into because their profiles say “no blacks, no fems, no fatties.”

    I see nothing wrong with him. I’d hit it.

  4. At least he got rid of those darn dreadlocks. Out of uniform he doesn’t look like a big tub of goo.

  5. Yeah, sometimes uniforms aren’t so sexy. That is one seriously developed specimen of dude. Dreadlocks would have been a little much, though…

  6. This is the kind of man that would give me a boner in public, and I wouldn’t try to hide it either. He has a nice face, sexy body, an adorable smile, and a sweet personality to match. Maybe if he was of a lighter hue he would be appealing to most of the guys I see commenting. I’ve seen bearded husky guys on here (with ink) in the past get so much praise, but there’s just one difference….to each his own comments though.

  7. I suspect being nasty to his face would be the “wrong” thing. That’s a guy who could snap the average person, including all the “worked-out” little muscle-queens I’ve seen online, like a twig. You can see how jacked he is just by the shape of his body, and as a first baseman, he’s got to be quick. That’s easy when you’re 6’3″ and 170 lbs, because you’re one of those skinny bitches – not much mass to move around. When you’re a big guy, being quick means having enough muscle to go from dead stop to hauling ass in that first push of a step. Of course, he seems like a really sweet guy, so he’d probably just leave you in the mortal fear of being crushed, and go on about his business. If he’s posing for the Body Issue, he knows his body’s fit and healthy, and power to him for showing that to the world.

    If he had a low body fat percentage, he’d look like a hypertrophic Tom of Finland caricature. That would be the mistake. In the real world, this is what extremely strong people look like. Same with the hundreds of linemen in football who never seem to get recognized; if you think they’re “just fat,” you’d be wrong. They’re peak-conditioned blocks of muscle with a layer of protective cushioning, and take more abuse in five minutes than the running players (and certainly your favorite pansy-ass QB) will likely take in the entire game.

    But I digress. He is just gorgeous – face, body, personality, it’s all there. Thanks for giving some time to actual images of strong, healthy bodies. The only way most people will learn to embrace human diversity is to see it celebrated in as many places as possible.

  8. Yeah – we can draw a pretty direct comparison between Mr. Fielder and Steve Holcomb. Prince is the better-developed of the two (good God, those pecs), but for some impossible-to-fathom reason, he doesn’t get nearly as much love.

  9. Then don’t look at him dude. The internet is a huge place, and you’re literally just a click away from it all.

  10. It’s nice to see them feature a guy without the common muscular athlete aesthetic. Good for them. Men, especially gay men are having more and more body issues and insecurity. In the pre internet days this would have been premium jack off material for teenage Boys who could easily get it without arousing suspicion. These days porn is available with a click. I was surprised when Vine banned x rated content yet you can easily find nudity and ecokiciyםporn on Twitter without any age restrictions

  11. He’s fucking perfect!! Love this beefy dude, I wish more like him had the confidence to expose themselves, and if we could have more porn with guys like these too…please :p

  12. Wow what the fuck is up with all you negative Nancies down below… Fuck off, he’s most likely 10x stronger than any of you bitches, body shaming is not cute.

  13. Those aren’t “pecs”; that is fat tissue. It’s nice they that are showcasing different body types but you cannot pretend that he is not obviously overweight. I would far from call him obese but he does need to lose some weight for his health.

  14. I’m guessing you didn’t pay much attention when you were being taught about physiology. But some people just need something to complain about. “Obviously overweight,” is a statement that implies that you’ve had the opportunity to measure his visceral fat content, calculate his daily dietary needs, and assess his blood lipid levels. You did do that, right?

    No? Then make sure we know your opinions have no basis in fact.

    Looks healthy to me; can most likely outperform all of us physically, and yeah, he isn’t some sub-5-percent body fat content caricature, but then, no real person is. The only people who get “ripped” are models, actors, porn stars, folks who can reasonably expect to be photographed often, and those with serious self-perception problems, because it serves no purpose other than image. Mechanically, you’re better off with a strong layer of lean muscle under fat-containing muscle, which is what he has.

  15. No, “obviously overweight” means just that, he is obviously overweight when he a large gut like that. That stomach is fat, not muscle. Underneath that, yes, is muscle. One does not need physiology to confirm what is clear to the naked eye. Also, one’s lipid levels do not automatically correlate to one’s body fat percentage. They often go hand in hand, but not always. His pectorals are obscured by the layer of fat covering them. If you think he looks healthy, you may need to get your eyes checked. I never said he looks like he is at death’s door or about to keel over, but the fact is that yes, he needs to lose some weight.

  16. You’re right. His health is quite obviously compromised by his weight. All those doctors that he sees – specialists in kinesiology, nutrition, and sports medicine – don’t know what they’re doing. My eyes are broken, too – where you see some kind of shapeless blob, I’m able to

  17. Hold on while I grab some popcorn to witness “The Great Truth Versus Truth Debate of 2014”.

  18. Ha-ha. I just wanted to beat the other post so the same topic isn’t the most discussed two weeks in a row.

  19. …His clearly segmented abdomen? ….And if we’re at, “that’s just some Photoshop,” there’s really nothing more to discuss. We’ll each see what we see, and the world will continue to turn. Hopefully, Mr. Fielder will continue to be an effective athlete – cervical spinal fusion at 30 is kinda drastic, but I guess that and rotator cuff injuries are what baseball will do to you. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll still have plenty of millions to spend his idle time counting.

    This isn’t some conspiracy to make fat the new thin. I’m not even trying to change the prevailing aesthetic, though it is a relic of days when we had to be afraid of appearing “sick” to the world. I don’t need to be doing analysis of photographs or frames of video to show you what is clearly there to me. Besides, if I did, I’d be accused of manipulating them, because we’re at the “Photoshop” level of reasoned argument. I can’t very well run it through an image processor now, can I?

  20. When did I say I didn’t? I believe my exact words were, “a layer of cutaneous fat,” which would cover everything. It’s very symmetrically disposed – you see a similar distribution on the bodies of long-distance/open-water swimmers. You can have a six-pack without being below 8 percent body fat, if your abdominal muscles are so developed that they stand out through whatever body fat you do have. The guy’s built like your standard World’s Strongest Man finalist. He’s solid and highly-developed, his body is tuned to the “power” end of the performance curve. Read his interview, if you haven’t already; he had to hire a chef to keep up with his nutritional demands and “feed his size.”

    Clearly, he’s engaged in a medically-supervised program; if he stopped eating everything, ever, he’d burn through what fat he has in short order just hauling around all that muscle. Like I said, your opinion of how he looks is your own; I think it’s wrong, but I can’t change it and it would be disrespectful of me to assume I could. I can, however, dispute the accuracy of characterizing him as “unhealthy.” Other than the occupational injury I mentioned before (swinging a bat is bad for your spine), the man’s in prime health. His body fat really doesn’t enter into the equation if he has to eat to maintain it.

  21. And that’s me stating mine, and you were really just the one comment I picked out of the negative ones that were on here to post on. So…congrats?

  22. I’d trim that beard some, but overall, I certainly enjoy seeing a beefy baseball player butt naked. I’m not looking for a perfect body. And six packs actually turn me off. They say that the guy is way too into himself.

  23. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to have a 6-pack that don’t border on vanity, but most people don’t have them. That and people who are so lean as to have a “proper” 6-pack usually have bodies that aren’t very much fun to play with.

  24. Nothing better than a powerful big guy who can just wrap you up in his arms….that’s why I ended up with one! Prince is gorgeous.

  25. ♛♛ ♥♥ ✯✯✯✯✯

    i love my Muscle Chubs..
    ..and Prince is one such whose crotch i’d gladly bury my face in, in a hot minute.

    that said.. ..i’m a little pissed with the people who felt compelled to put their 2¢ in … not to say something simple like, “not for me,” but rather to actually go out of their way to denygrate Prince.
    fuck you.
    fuck you up your ass with one of prince’s tree-trunk legs.

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