The Locker Room: Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish

In the interest of disclosure, I just wanted to post pics of hot people. And then tennis greats Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish gave me a reason. Guys who play tennis are quite often rangy with hairy, muscular legs and an intensity on the court that you hope they bring to the bonin’. Also, all that running back and forth gives em’ really tight butts. Seriously, you can’t even fit the handle of the tennis racquet in there. I tried. Riding the wave of acceptance of gays in professional sports, both Roddick and Fish have aligned themselves with Athlete Ally to fight homophobia in the pros.

Andy sez:

“Yesterday was an incredible day for athletes everywhere. Jason Collins’ courage and leadership in coming out reminds me of how important it is for an athlete to be able to be true to him or herself.

And then Mardy chimed in:

“Everybody deserves a shot at playing sports. It shouldn’t matter in the least if that person is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

And it’s for your information time! Athlete Ally is “a resource to encourage athletes, coaches, parents, fans and other members of the sports community to respect all individuals involved in sports.” You can find out more about em’ here. And now that we’ve gotten my flimsy excuse out of the way, here’s Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish looking hotsy.

Mardy Fish

fish nalbandian plo 210308 img_6667 mardy-fish_3482190 r-MARDY-FISH-large570 Mardy Fish of the US reacts after breaki mardy-fish-2 Mardy Fish-6 U.S. Open - Day 2

Andy Roddick

andyroddick (2) AndyRoddick (1) Andy Roddick shirtless with cool hairstyle in medium short length andy-roddick (1) andy-roddick-06 ten_u_roddick13_400 andy-roddick andy_roddick_naked andyroddick Andy Roddick of the US takes part in a p



8 thoughts on “The Locker Room: Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish

  1. It’s nice to see tennis players showing their support as well. The men’s tennis tour is not known for being particularly gay-friendly, so I really appreciate the support from Andy and Mardy.

    And I have had the biggest crush on Andy Roddick for years!

  2. Me too. I have longed for Andy Roddick since I first saw him. When did he get that magnificently hairy chest? Yum!

  3. The things I would eat out of Andy’s ass, you have no idea… heard he’s also nicely hung and a stamina-monster in the sack…

  4. Not that I’m complaining about all the shirtless pics of Andy, but he cleans up nicely and GQ’d the fuck of out of a suit and tie when he hosted SNL. The Brazilian lingerie model who finally lands him is going to be one lucky bitch.

  5. I’m glad his coming out has been so positively accepted by so many athletes. Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, CM Punk, Brook Lopez, Jason Kidd, etc. It’s nice to know that people can see that sexuality doesn’t change a person. If they were gay before and you didn’t know it, then what makes them different afterwards?……………. NOTHING. Oh and
    Chris Broussard can take a long walk off a short pier. I don’t think God would approve of his close minded attitude. States plainly in the Bible. “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU” and “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF” So obviously Mr. Broussard doesn’t think too highly of himself.

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