The Gayest “Straight” Video Ever

I found this video on YouTube and literally almost fell off my chair laughing. The title of the video is "Cold Freaks No Homo," meaning the video was not meant for gay guys. However, the way the two guys were dancing and booty-poppin', it made me question if the video was really for the ladies. The face that the one in the jeans makes at around 2:02 is priceless. Work it girl! I guess he's been keeping up with his ANTM.

Towards the end of the video, the two gentlemen start licking the air as if they are rimming a guy's….errr I mean licking a girl's va-jay-jay. I wonder if they practiced on each other before they filmed this? A video for the ladies? Hmmm…maybe not, but it's definitely quite fun to watch.

– Andy

10 thoughts on “The Gayest “Straight” Video Ever

  1. ok, these guys are SOOOOOOO gay it isn’t even funny. Nice abs on them. But considering the one in the white pants and red shorts couldn’t keep his hand off his cock, i’m thinking they enjoyed it a little too much to be straight.

  2. Straight guys do not get together to make “dance videos” to post on You-Tube. YES HOMO!

  3. that video is pathetic. poor, pitiful closet cases.
    can you say: “ON THE DL”??????
    considering how homophobic they are, i’m very glad their lame vid is posted on a gay site. maybe they’ll finally get the m2m action they so obviously crave. personally, i wouldn’t touch either of ’em. lol

  4. soooo, I’m still not clear; is this the video equivalent of one of those boastful ads you find on craigslist? They’ve got tight bods but I dunno if even the most closeted gay would allow his boudoir to be exposed to all the world “lookin’ like dat”. But can you imagine the skanks it might attract?

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