The Amateur Hour: Tasting His Own Load

This video is, um, something! TurtleXDove is a 26 year-old exhibitionist who can suck his own dick to completion, lick his own balls and snort mysterious powdery substances off his shaft. He’s got the whole hairy, alternative “what drugs are you on” weirdo vibe going for him, and some might even venture to refer to him as a “dirty hipster slut“.

One of our darling readers sent us a link to his autofellatio video clip, along with a series of GIFs taken from the footage. I knew I had to share this one with you as soon as I saw this guy tonguing down the tip of his dick while a thick load of cum dripped down his pole… Yeah, I know! I’ve been slacking off on The Amateur Hour, but this should more than make up for it.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: TurtleXDove

Watch this guy blow himself ’til he cums in the video below:

Amateur Autofellatio Self Sucking Video 1

Amateur Autofellatio Self Sucking Video 1



16 thoughts on “The Amateur Hour: Tasting His Own Load

  1. Is this practice healthy for the back? I know it’s a super stupid question, but I’m genuinely curious. I can’t stretch nearly that far down into my own crotch. My God…

  2. I’m impressed…Oh to be young again. But even at his age I couldn’t come close to that kind of flexibility. Good for him.

  3. There’s a profile on…(same name as the African Capital)…that kid can PROPERLY suck himself off!

  4. Not sure actually I almost destroyed my back that way. And you really have to like the taste of your own cum.. At least I figured out that way that I don’t.

  5. I used to try this all the time when I was younger using my bunk bed as leverage. The best I could do was an uncomfortable lick of the tip of my head. Jealous

  6. When I was in my teens and up to my mid30s, I could suck my own and get the whole shaft down and I am pretty well-endowed. I would lie on my upper back and against the wall and bend over. Can’t do it now, but it probably helped being 130 pounds at 5’7” – and was 118 # at high school graduation.

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