The Amateur Hour: Hung Fun For Two

You know the problem with an amateur porn site like Post Him? It’s so damn good that I download dozens of video clips I want to share with you, then I forget to copy and paste the descriptions from the guys who shared them. I believe the two fine, horny chaps you’re about to watch are boyfriends. They could also just be huge sluts who met on Manhunt seconds before filming this, or maybe they’re two bi dude-bros who regularly meet behind their girlfriends’ backs. You’re free to make up your own story.

The fact remains, they both have relatively large dicks.

This video starts off with the guy in the black ball-cap and grey t-shirt blowing his pal. Then, in an unexpected turn that will shock the masses, he lifts up his partner’s legs and starts fucking him. (GASP!) They switch to doggystyle with the twinkier bottom’s fuzzy young hole on display, then cap the whole thing off with two loads—one on the boy’s ass, the other on his hand while he jerks off. Isn’t that lovely?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Post Him

Check out a short clip from the full nine-minute video below:

Boyfriends bang bareback on amateur gay porn site Post Him.

Boyfriends bang bareback on amateur gay porn site Post Him.

Watch and download the full video (with cum shot) at POST HIM.



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11 thoughts on “The Amateur Hour: Hung Fun For Two

  1. I am just curious to find out, in real time hook ups, how many professes to “safe sex” on line, yet in the heat of the moment goes bare? No judgment, just wondering, as I have been caught up in the moment.

  2. I, for one, have never had bb sex, even with committed partners in a monogamous relationship. The one time someone tried to trick me into doing it, I stopped everything and kicked him out.

    I don’t judge others if they “slip” or for how they define safer sex for themselves… those are people’s individual choices and I don’t set myself up as someone “better” than someone else…. but I really, really hate porn companies like Sean Cody, Bel Ami, Corbin Fisher and Chaos glorifying barebacking to others for profits, not caring what kind of damaging messaging that may be producing, especially since many of these companies feature young models and presumably have young men watching them (among others). With young gay men at the highest levels of new infections, it’s pretty easy to begin to connect the dots.

    The fact is, we learn about sex and our sexual desires and fantasies in part because of the porn we watch. Many of us are mature enough to make educated decisions for ourselves, but the fact is there are many others who cannot, because of internalized homophobia, low self esteem, substance abuse, etc. And yes, some people “slip” in the heat of the moment. Also, a lot of young gay men think HIV is no big deal, or even that there’s a cure, because they weren’t around when people were dying and we all think we are invincible when we are young. Watching hot young guys getting it on without condoms is NOT the type of education they need to learn how to protect themselves in the real world.

    Again, I am not judging the individuals… these things happen because we are human and we all occasionally make bad choices. But because these things happen, porn companies should take a stand against showing barebacking in their videos. I don’t care if they think they are protecting their models with pre-testing or their viewers with advisory messages… the fact remains they are putting others at risk for profits, and I think it’s disgusting. There is plenty of vintage barebacking porn out there if that’s the only thing that’s going to get a viewer off.

    Is HIV a death sentence? No, but it’s no picnic… aside from the health complications, expensive meds, etc., there’s the shame and stigma that others unfortunately put on HIV+ people. I for one, don’t want me or anyone else to contract this. Until there is a cure, no barebacking in porn… zero tolerance.

  3. Why are you so judgemental? Some guys just like it. I trim mine because otherwise it looks unkempt. I imagine you don’t shave your face, right? After all, our beards and mustaches are basically the same thing. Do you suppose men who shave their faces are desperate, too?

  4. What you see as these companies glorifying natural sex, I see it as the participants choice. It all comes down to personal responsibility with informed partners. I will also note, that while HIV is still incredibly prevalent it is by no means the only STI. Syphilis is rampant, as are many other diseases. So, in that regard I agree barriers should definitely be used if there is even the slightest hint of infections.

  5. If you go to Xtube they have a couple other videos..their username is slosherboi84

  6. I just subscribed to that website. Totally worth every dollar. I have found more hot videos on that site than any other website.

  7. only bad thing is the streams sucks, so if u have to either wait for it to load or just download the video. If u like xtube, you will love this!

  8. I’m not a fan of bareback porn. I feel it does get in people’s heads whether they realize it or not, and until there is a cure for HIV I think it’s irresponsible. Personally, I’m adhere to the idea of condom use at all times. It’s human nature that when one always does a thing to the point where it is a thoughtless habit, then they will always do it. Example, I always put my seat belt on when I get in a car – always. Even if I’m staggering drunk and riding in the back seat, my seat belt is on without a thought. People may disagree with me politically and personally, but I don’t care. Two (or more) men I find attractive fucking is enough for me in porn, I don’t need them to be taking a pointless risk to get off.

  9. Im the guy in the video with the ball cap… you are all douch bags worrying about whos having safe or bb sex. Its not your dick or ass in the vid so get over it. I can believe that you have never had bb sex. Or any sex for that matter. Heres a thought: if you dont like bb porn then dont watch it. This video and my others are years old and ive chased em all over the internet trying to delete them but i know they will always remain. I’ve had all kinds of sex with all kinds of people and am luckythat I still to this day am std free. Delete this video and have a nice day everyone…


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