The Amateur Hour: His Username Says He Swallows

I doubt that XTube user MinnesotaSwallows actually swallows. Mostly because I doubt that he sucks dicks. Which is a shame, because I bet a lot of guys (me, for instance) would like to put their dicks in this young man’s mouth. I know that lusting after straight guys is supposed to be over—people are saying that, aren’t they?—but I don’t care. I like this guy.

He’s got a long and narrow dick with a head that points slightly downward. Bottoming for him would sting, probably. But blowing him… That would be awesome! Also, I’d do it a lot better than the girl he filmed giving him a beej in two other videos. Do it like you mean it, lady!

Here’s a video of him jerking off in what seems to be a very dreary office. Actually, I’m not convinced that it’s an office at all. Don’t people have, like, stuff on their desks? Or maybe he cleared it away to give himself some more room. Look at him there, on the desk, legs in the air like he just can’t wait for you to invite yourself into his butt. But… oh, right, he probably doesn’t want that.

He’s got good taste in amateur porn, though. He seems to like scenes that prominently feature stocky dudes. As a side note, one of you might be able to help me: who is the hot, hot, hot, hot Spanish bear in this video? (Naked lady warning, but also he’s a burly dude with a thick dick and hairy shoulders that I could watch all day.)


Watch MinnesotaSwallows showing off his ass in the clip below:




Watch over here if the embedded clip doesn’t work.



5 thoughts on “The Amateur Hour: His Username Says He Swallows

  1. He’s got a great ass. I loved his former XTube channel that he deleted. Hopefully he uploads the dildo videos he had on that one. Boy likes them big.

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