Texan Personal Trainer Hotness: Andrew

He makes us want to mess with Texas. Meet Andrew, he’s a personal trainer from Austin, TX and obviously God’s gift to shower stalls. Andrew is the latest coverbody for the Man of Austin blog, and this was his FIRST time in front of a professional’s camera! It’s not like he was unprepared, though. He’s got that face, that body, that bulge. Andy should do WAY more modeling. Just lose the briefs.

– J. Harvey

For more shots of Andrew, Follow the JUMP:

37 thoughts on “Texan Personal Trainer Hotness: Andrew

  1. il be damned, i guess they do make everything bigger and better in texas, i would let him train me all he wants, and not just at the Gym ;D

  2. I am not much of a bottom, but this stud sure comes across as a total hot fucking top. With that said, I would do what ever he wanted me too. I would most likely do what ever it was he wanted me to do in public or amongst his friends or better yet, in private, just as long I got his nut. No respect expected the next day!

  3. I have just recently really, really gotten into rimming a hot dude. This stud could sit on my face all fucking day!

  4. From top to bottom this guy is stunning…love those thick juicy kissable lips as well as everything else about him….DAYUM!!!!!

  5. what can i say all the comments that i would of said have all been taken i agree with everyone else. this is one hot stud and i would let him top me as well.

  6. oh hell, i live in austin, and i’ve been wanting to get into an exercise routine. he would would probably be too distracting and i’d end up dropping a weight on my foot or something lol

  7. He does have facial hair/scruff, which would suggest he has body hair; he probably shaves it off to show muscle definition better. I like light chest hair, but don’t mind at ALL that he doesn’t show any. I’d totally have sex with him. 🙂

  8. @ Russ, as you can see I was a little distracted by his photos. Especially the last one…I want to be that towel.

  9. damm — hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — i agree i hope he trains for our team, and would like to see more sans the briefs!. —— though he definitely wet my appetite. Cheers!

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