Ted Haggard on Oprah

We wrote about Ted Haggard's newest troubles, as allegations continue to pile up even 2 years after it was initially revealed the influential Pastor was involved in a gay sex and meth scandal with a male escort. Since then, he has called himself a "heterosexual with issues" and continues to push this line in various media appearances including The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Watch his appearance on Oprah and let me know what you think.

– Andy

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7 thoughts on “Ted Haggard on Oprah

  1. Haggard is a hypocrite and his wife has her head in the sand. He comes off a a very confused individual and his comment on “monogamous heterosexuality” being the norm gave me a shiver. His wife’s comment on not having to act on your impulses shows how deep in the sand her head is. He has learned nothing and continues the same behavior. He needs to get away from his wife, the church and get into some counseling.

  2. So he’s bi, what’s the big F’n deal? Lots of married guys are. The church has given him a complex about it.

  3. Thank you Boner!.Hell science argues most human are bisexual to a certain degree.There are worst bigots and hypocrites than him.And Robert Wood what is wrong with being a closet case.I hate when gay men chastise men for keeping there homo or bisexuality in anonymity.As if they are are bligated to conform to the gay culture.

  4. I find him disingenuous: He’s not exactly coming out and saying to be gay is wrong, however his line about Jesus accepting Gays and in the next breath that Jesus came for the un-righteous I find offensive. He’s basically saying that Gay = unrighteous. I wish Oprah had recognized that. But then he was her guest and she needed to appear sympathetic.
    He’s a great poster boy for the insanity that is religion though.

  5. I despised Ted Haggard when this story first broke. He wasn’t much of a hypocrite – he wasn’t obsessed with an anti-gay agenda like many evangelists are – but I got so angry watching him come out with one lie after another, adjusting his story several times until finally he half-way admitted the truth.
    Watching this, I could honestly care less if he’s gay, straight or bi – for some people, sexual attraction really is a gray are. (I was never sexually attracted to women, so in some ways it made it easier to handle being gay.)
    I think it does shed light on how repressive the Christian mythology is, but let’s face it, that shouldn’t come as any surprise.
    In the end, however, I still feel angry at him. He’s still lying, with all his “processes” and “spirals” and other key words. The truth is, he would go back to the same life he was living if there was any way to do it. He wants to be a respected pastor that indulges his “dark side” in secrecy, not an insurance salesman with a scandalous past.
    Watching this, I don’t feel like he has any real remorse for his lies or what he put his family through or for that matter how he defamed the guy he paid to have sex with for three years. Instead, he’s just sorry he got caught.
    I’ll save my pity for someone who deserves it.

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