Tame Me, David Mizejewski!

Tame my cock, which throbs whenever I see your cherubic face on a variety of low-level television talk shows! Tame my hungry butthole, which pulses and quivers whenever your slightly bucktoothed and fresh-faced visage introduces the world to exotic animal species!

This is David Mizejewski. He’s a naturalist with the National Wildlife Foundation. Dave makes the rounds of talk shows because people like the tension resulting from the possibility that Ross Matthews or Wendy Williams might get their eyes clawed out on national television.

He’s so cute n’ cuddly and he likes critters! Guys who are animal lovers are gentle in person but then you get them in the sack, and they are rutting sex pigs. Do yourself a favor and add “fuck an animal lover” to your fucket list.

Do you think Dave would be into recording a Dave N’ Dave porn vid with Dave Salmoni?

– J. Harvey

Check out pics and some video (spoiler alert – none of those animals attack Ross Matthews) below:




Headshot3 2010


David Mizejewski




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