Gerard Butler’s Ass Can Crack Walnuts, His Nuts Can Withstand Extreme Cold

Gerard Butler‘s body can perform superhuman feats. That’s probably why he’s banged practically every actress in Hollywood. Gerard gave us mere mortals (well, at least the ones in Germany) a taste of his fantastic abilities on the show Wetten, dass…?. They had a guest on […]

Hot or Not: Teeth

Most men will cringe when they hear the words “blowjob” and “teeth” in the same sentence. Unless you’re part of some vampire dick-biting cult, it’s not exactly the sexiest idea in the world! With that said, there are exceptions to every rule. What if he’s […]

Aural Only: OK Go

If any of you bothered to read our review of OK Go‘s latest album, you may recall several references to a certain purple individual. These comparisons couldn’t be more evident on the group’s latest single “White Knuckles”. It’s kind of like Purple Rain-era Prince having […]