Four Play: Dirk Caber’s Triple-Penetration In “Stepfather’s Secret”

Chapter eight of MEN.COM‘s extraordinarily popular “Stepfather’s Secret” series justifies the shameless continuation of the series after parts one, two, three and four. The scene’s been making the gay porn headlines for the awe-inspiring triple penetration sequence, and as if that weren’t enough to catch […]

Three’s Company: Johnny Rapid Crashes Dirk Caber’s Hook-Up In “Stepfather’s Secret”

Once news broke that Dirk Caber would be triple-penetrated in the eighth installment of MEN.COM‘s incredibly popular “Stepfather’s Secret” series, today’s update with Phenix Saint and Johnny Rapid felt like an unnecessary bridge to the explosive grand finale (which might not be the finale if […]

Three’s Company: Dirk Caber Bottoms For The Boys (Again) In “Stepfather’s Secret”

Part six of MEN.COM‘s incredibly popular series “Stepfather’s Secret” starts off strong with Dirk Caber popping into his adopted stepson Trevor Spade‘s room and sniffing his cum-stained underwear. From there, it loses sight of the fact that Dirk is the blatant star of the show. […]

Daddy’s Boys: Dirk Caber & Asher Hawk In Part Five of “Stepfather’s Secret”

In one of the most shameless moves made by a gay porn studio in 2014, MEN.COM has extended their extraordinarily popular “Stepfather’s Secret” series by adding a fourth stepson to join Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Scott Harbor in the family. Naturally, Dirk Caber reprises […]

Four Play: The Boys Return The Favor & Fuck Dirk Caber In The “Stepfather’s Secret” Finale

Rumors have been swirling that everyone—including paternal figure Dirk Caber—takes a dick up his ass in the grand finale of MEN.COM‘s extremely popular, semi-scandalous new series “Stepfather’s Secret“… And, well, this is almost true! If you browse through the photo set on the site, you’ll […]

Dirk Caber Gives Scott Harbor a Lube Job In Part 3 of “Stepfather’s Secret”

The people have spoken, and they love MEN.COM‘s semi-scandalous new series “Stepfather’s Secret“. (And even if they don’t love the concept itself, they’re still clicking on our posts and jerking off to it.) With three out of four scenes available for our eyeballs, Dirk Caber […]