Jim Parsons says there’s a “shocking” amount of nudity in Netflix series Hollywood

Jim Parsons has opened up about his experience filming Hollywood. The new Netflix drama from TV mastermind Ryan Murphy follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers as they try to make it in Hollywood’s Golden Age while tackling biases across race, gender and sexuality […]

ABC told ‘Batman’ actor Burt Ward to take pills to “shrink” his bulge

Holy shrinkage, Batman! There’s method acting, and then there’s… whatever this is. Burt Ward, who played Robin in the camptastic Batman series which ran on ABC from 1966-1968, has waited over five decades to reveal just how far he was asked to go for the part. The […]

King Cobra: James Franco’s Gay Porn Murder Movie Has A Distributor (And A Clip)

Gay porn industry aficionados and true crime junkies may recall the sordid story of escorts Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. They were convicted of the 2007 murder of Cobra Video founder Bryan Kocis. You know, the guy who “discovered” Sean Lockhart (aka the infamous “Brent […]