Dustin Lance Black delivers powerful rendition of Harvey Milk’s Historic “I Want To Recruit You” Speech

Dustin Lance Black reminds us of the power of words to ignite change with an impassioned reading of Harvey Milk’s “I Want To Recruit You” speech. The filmmaker and LGBTQ activist won an Oscar in 2009 for his screenplay Milk, a biopic of Harvey starring Sean […]

Dustin Lance Black reveals almost ‘Every’ Studio Turned Down his Oscar-Winning film “milk”

Dustin Lance Black has revealed almost every studio turned down his acclaimed 2008 film Milk. The screenwriter and author, 45, has recalled how only one studio – Focus Features, the maker of Brokeback Mountain – was willing to take on his screenplay about late politician and LGBTQ activist Harvey Milk, the first […]

Gay Ass Gossip: Tom Daley’s Mystery Introduction To Gay Sex Is Reportedly Dustin Lance Black

ITEM – The power! The power of this couple! The power of this gay power couple! Twink Olympian Tom Daley rendered every shot of cum that’s been jerked off over him legit this week when he revealed that he’s in a relationship with a man. […]