Tron: Ares – Joachim Rønning In Talks To Direct New Sequel Starring Jared Leto

Though there was some chatter in the wake of Tron: Legacy‘s release in 2010 about a potential sequel, the idea seemed to vanish into development limbo until around 2017, when it emerged that Jared Leto was in talks to star. Fast-forward to today, and Deadline reports that Joachim Rønning is in talks to direct […]

Aural Only: N*E*R*D

Alternative hip-hop group N*E*R*D joined forces with Daft Punk for their latest single “Hypnotize U”. While we’d love to sit here and talk about a collision between two of the greatest electronic music producers in existence, we’re way too distracted by Pharrell Williams‘ soap-covered torso. […]