Four Daddies + Four Bottom Boys = HOT ORGY SEX TIME FOREVER IN THE BUTT

I was conflicted when I first started watching the finale to MEN.COM‘s intergenerational sex series “Daddy’s Club“. The first four chapters, each written by Manhunt Daily members, were pretty damn good (and, in certain cases, really fucking good). As much as I recognize that it’s […]

Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Coach John Magnum Is Snatching Everyone’s Virginity

John Magnum runs the show in the third chapter of MEN.COM‘s “Daddy’s Club“, a five-part intergenerational sex series inspired by submissions from Manhunt Daily readers. He plays the role of a soccer coach who helps a player lose his virginity, and in the process, he […]

Thank Cock It’s Friday: Colby Jansen Fucks His Friend’s Virgin Stepson

“Pizza, porn and a blowjob. That’s certainly better than poker.” The best thing about gay porn rugby stud Colby Jansen—besides his thick dick, beefy body and literally every single thing about his human existence—is that he’s such a jovial, adorable teddy bear type. He can […]