The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Fucking, Fucking & Nothing BUT Fucking!

If you’re the type who skips most solo scenes or fast-forwards through oral sequences, then you’re going to love today’s edition of The Cock Buffet! Each of today’s menu items feature hardcore dick-in-ass action, and underneath each introductory pic, you’ll find a video clip to […]

Three’s Company: Double Penetration With Johnny Rapid, Tyler Sweet & Cooper Reed

Cooper Reed couldn’t get enough of Johnny Rapid‘s sweet boy pussy after double-penetrating him in prison alongside Landon Conrad, so he took a page out of Marcus Ruhl‘s handbook and bought a creepy sex doll in his likeness! Of course, since that wasn’t nearly strange […]

NOW PRESENTING: The 1,000,000th Time Johnny Rapid Gets Fucked In Prison

Although this video clip’s called “Prison Shower 4“, we’ve legitimately lost track of the number of scenarios involving Johnny Rapid, a prison shower, nightsticks and double penetration. We’re just going to assume this is the millionth time he’s been tag-teamed and taken advantage of by […]