Sweet kisses and hard fuck

Jos Alvarez and James Dawn take their time with each other, savoring every kiss, every touch as they make out and feel each other’s body. Jos works his way down to James’s cock, sucking that big dick before swinging his legs around so they can 69, James getting a mouthful of sweet prick too! 

James makes sure to give Jos’s cock some individual attention too, working that dick so that when Jos stands up behind James, that prick is rock hard as he pushes it inside of James. 

Moaning and biting the sheets on the bed, James takes Jos’s long shaft, ass stretching around it as they both climb onto the bed for a different angle. Jos pounds the fuck out of James, that huge dick spreading James’s hole wide open as he dominates him, fucking him any way he wants. 

James turns onto his back to get fucked more, that raw cock deep inside him as he plays with himself until they both cum hard. 

Jos leans in for a few more kisses, their cum slick between them as they make out before getting cleaned up!


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