Swear and Shake: “These White Walls”

Kari Spieler, the lead female vocalist of New York’s Swear and Shake, reminds me a ton of Rilo Kiley‘s Jenny Lewis. That last sentence might mean nothing to 90% of you reading this, but then again, you probably didn’t spend a week of your college years making out in the back seat of a car to her Rabbit Fur Coat album (with some guy you met on Manhunt after dumping your boyfriend of several months for a really dumb reason).

Even though I have mixed feelings about that aforementioned week, I was able to look past the Spieler/Lewis vocal similarities and hear Swear and Shake for what they are—a folksy indie foursome (one band member got cropped out above) who create tracks that call to mind Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and other acts within that genre.

Also? Those two dudes with beards could get it. Up the butt.

– Dewitt

(via You Ain’t No Picasso)



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315 thoughts on “Swear and Shake: “These White Walls”

  1. The guy on the right is smoking hot, but he makes bad porn faces when he sings. I would, however, have quite a time with him and his two cute bandmates.

    The song is terrific as well. Dewitt is my spirit guide to new tunes.

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