Swallow everything

4AM party! Reece obviously fancied the fuck out of Skyler cos he shoots his load in the first 5 mins…but then gets fucked!

Skyler barebacks it quite rough as well with his meaty fat prick. Reece just pulls out and exploseds in Skyler mouth, spunk hanging from that cute 19yrs gob, and that little Twink told me he wanted it to happen.

He asked me if he could swallow my cum after next time ?

They just spit on there dicks and shove it in Skyler doesn’t even pull out like he said he would, well he dose but after pumping most his cum in recess arse (he was bent over gagging 4 it 2 be fair).

This boy is one dirty fucking cunt man.

This 19yr old is really sweet – if you see him or Reece or Josh or any of us out and about then come up and say hi: we are all so genuinely friendly!


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