Sucking Deep

Asian beauty John Rene met Jaycee in LA, but now they are getting a chance to model together in the Arizona desert. They reminisce about the underwear shoot they did earlier and now they were off for a wilderness hike.

Sexy Pinoy John is giving Jaycee a royal treatment back at the studio, oiling his skin with a luxurious massage oil and then working the kinks out of his muscles with firm strong hands. Grabbing his nuts firmly in one hand, John leans over to suck deep.

He takes Jaycee’s thick tool to the root and tries not to gag. Climbing up to straddle Jaycee’s waist, John lubes his hole and works that dick up in. Jaycee pulls him down to kiss while John grinds his butthole into the muscle daddy’s stiff prick.

He lies next to Jaycee who beats his cock to a frothy cumsplosion. Sperm dripping from his face, John milks his load out onto Jaycee’s tight muscular pecs.


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