Stu Rasmussen In Hot Water With Fox News

Last time we talked about Stu Rasmussen he was being hunted down by the Westboro Baptist Church and now he's got an even bigger critic, Fox News! The transgendered mayor of Silverton, Oregon wore a miniskirt and tank top to a children's event and that's not sitting well with BillO or Megyn Kelly.

They scoffed at Stu plenty but towards the end Megyn showed some sensitivity. I think the outfit may have been a little inappropriate for a children's event, but I wouldn't mind having a mayor who dressed a little provocatively.

– Andy

10 thoughts on “Stu Rasmussen In Hot Water With Fox News

  1. Maybe Pantsuits like what Sec. Hillary Clinton wears would be more appropriate for a children’s event,no? Maybe Ms. mayor thought that would make her look too masculine, dunno.

  2. If Stu was in blatent violation of city dress code, then fine, he should be penalized accordingly.
    However, would Fox be doing this news story if a “real” woman dressed in the same outfit at the same event? I doubt it. This story is transphobic, as are ORiely’s comments that children need to be protected from seeing transgendered people. Did I hear right or did he say there are no trans people in his town!? (Doesn’t he live in NYC!?)

  3. “He changed the upstairs, but didn’t change the downstairs…know what I’m sayin’?”
    My 7 y.o. niece could give better coverage than that.

  4. I’m at least glad Megyn Kelly didn’t let BillO bully her into saying “children need to be protected from this sort of thing.” If he violated the dress code, so be it. But don’t vilify the man for a) identifying as transgendered and b) enjoying a hot pair of pumps and a tank top now and then.

  5. Bravo Megyn Kelly! I usually do not like what she has to say, but she was right on this one! The mayors clothes were not appropriate for a childrens event, but children should not be shletered from transexuals. Wow that really did shock me that she made that statement!

  6. ..Bill sounds like a silly old duffer.
    Poor sad Bill, go home you old darling and make yourself a nice cup of tea, try not to think anymore about the subject old timer, you’ll just end up in circles – there, there.

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