Straight Guys Are Gay: Guys Kiss Guys For The First Time

Judging by the number of “straight guys kissing each other” vids I’ve encountered since resurrecting our “Straight Guys Are Gay” feature, straight dudes doing gay things is a really popular concept. Granted, I get a funny little feeling downtown when two hetero dudes make out. So I get the attraction. Actually, I get that same feeling when ANY dudes make out. It’s tough being this thirsty.

This vid is a year old, but I don’t think it’s been posted here yet. Buzzfeed had straight guys make out to see what they thought about the experience. Can we talk about Dalton? And Jacob? How come they couldn’t make out? Yes, it’s nice to see a variety of men in this vid but I REALLY WANT Dalton and Jacob to fuck make out. Will there be a part 2?

Check out “Guys Kiss Guys For The First Time” below.

– Michael Xavier

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