Straight Guys Are Gay: Bromance From The Half-Naked Personal Trainers

You lovable scamps! Here’s three hetero personal trainers rolling around in bed together, slapping ass and rubbing crotches. Why not go all the way? Lose the boxer briefs. Explore each other’s bodies. Spit works just fine as lube. You can act like absolutely nothing happened the next day. No one has to know. You can work out together, secure in the knowledge that your night of exploration remains a secret that you keep for the rest of your lives. Scamps.

Watch “Bromance From The Half-Naked Personal Trainers” below.

– J. Harvey



30 thoughts on “Straight Guys Are Gay: Bromance From The Half-Naked Personal Trainers

  1. So I know a guy who has an ass just like the one in the middle of the picture and I’m going to see him tonight πŸ™‚

  2. I like the big crashing finish. One question though. If you’re that hot, why do you sleep in anything, shouldn’t you be naked in bed? Seems like that should be a law or something.

  3. He has a video of me tongue-fucking his ass on his phone 8)

    I don’t know why he keeps this, I am honestly ugly as fuck and he could do so much better, but I guess he likes my skills.

    It is such a shock, when you rub your hands from his back, to his lower back, to the beginning of his butt…The curves he has are surreal and defy the laws of physics, the first time was really a WTF moment for me.

    I have a plan of stalking him to his gym and make him squat on my tongue. I’ll keep you updated on that πŸ˜‰

  4. Looks like these three ran out of protein shakes so they’re looking for it in each other’s boxers – I sure hope they found all they could drink !!

  5. aw, cutie!
    try having a fight club with your best (straight) friends in your basement. It’s loads better.

  6. I guess everyone overlooked the fact that “faggot” was tossed out there as they were wrestling around. Cute yes, homophobic, maybe.

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