Stonewall Outrage

So I got into a weird argument the other day about this Stonewall movie that came out a few days ago. I understood what this girl was trying to say but I felt like there was more to it than her outrage was letting her see. Basically she was saying that it’s fucked up that they cast primarily white and primarily pretty actors to play as the central characters.

My point was that the way that with all the bigotry surrounding the green lighting of movies it seems like progress to me that this monumental moment in history is being examined rather than swept under the rug. That maybe it wasn’t a purposeful choice of casting and that even if it was maybe it’s better to portray characters that people who don’t understand the struggle of being a minority in America can relate to.

I mean I agree with what she was saying that it’s not a fair representation of the times and it certainly does not cast the company behind this production in a sympathetic light. I don’t have any plans of going to see the movie myself. To me movies like this Stonewall are about American history as much as the movie 300 was about the actual history of Greek city-states.


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