SpunkWorthy: Redhead Marine Gets Sucked Off

Ginger marine learns that it’s true about guys giving better blowjobs.

Palmer’s girlfriend isn’t cutting it in the beej area. Palmer the redheaded marine needs to get his dick sucked and he heard that guys are much better at it. He’s right! In fact, the head is so good that he’d like to see what other sex acts this guy is good at.

I’d anticipated a couple things, too. Remembering how Palmer responded to getting rimmed last time, I pushed his legs back after a few minutes of blowing him to get my tongue between his ass cheeks. What I didn’t expect was Palmer asking if I had any lube.

Palmer quickly added, “It’ll make it easier for you to stick a finger up my ass.”

And that was, apparently, the magic button, if Palmer’s quiet moans were any indication. As he was brought closer and closer to the edge, massaging his prostate was what did the trick. And it came practically out of nowhere. Suddenly, Palmer opened his eyes, saying he was going to cum, and blasted a massive load that flew all over the place.

Ride that digit, Palmer! Check out more of Palmer getting done right below, and watch the entire scene over at SpunkWorthy.

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