Somebody’s Watching Me


If you were an angel, it would seem mighty naughty to watch two people going at it doggy-style. But what if your job was to protect them? Get me a ticket to heaven if I could use that damn excuse!

This is the concept of a safe-sex campaign in Austria, suggesting that wearing a condom is like having an angel watching over you. I'm sure this will resonate with all the exhibitionists out there, eh?

– Dewitt

177 thoughts on “Somebody’s Watching Me

  1. If only the United States would promote safe sex in a way like this. Or, actually promote it at all. Go, Austria!

  2. Oh please PozDave.
    Safe sex is promoted enough in highschool & college. Grown adults have made up their minds whether or not they’re going to use drugs, use condoms or fuck people of the same gender. You can’t convince them through crafty advertising.
    The angel is a good concept because it does for condoms what the Energizer Bunny does for batteries: it gives existing users an icon for association.
    It’s business … not politics.
    Business will manipulate your emotions for logical reasons, like barriers improve the failure of transmission.
    Politics will just flat out lie to you, like “There IS such a thing as safe sex and condoms are an essential part of it.”
    What they don’t teach you in school is that whenever you have sex, with or without a condom, you’re taking a risk.
    Mature people just accept the risk, have contingency plans and enjoy the activity.

  3. UniversalPotentate…. A lot of people dont have an education to stand by. These advertisements provide an awareness that some people weren’t so lucky to get during their teen years.
    Also there are many millions in their 40’s/50’s still having sex who were taught about the subject in school when aids and STI’s weren’t as known. And contraception was seen as more of a taboo.
    Plus the fact that people are starting to care about STI’s might encourage others to change their ways too.

  4. It looks like Madonna(when she was feminine looking)as the Angel…aint nothing wrong with safe sex guys.

  5. Yeah we studied this in my Psych class. In California it is mainly an abstinence based sexual education. So even if they get the education they arent normally being taught about condoms and the uses. And even if they are the arent available to the people. Becuase if you think about it, high school and young college kids are gonna be the most likely to have unprotected sex. Well if the school doesnt support a condom based sex ed where are they gonna get the condoms? It would seem shameful and embaressing to actually go buy them. So yes adults may just be ignorant or whatever but kids have a forced naivte (accent things i think on the i) that is more than likely blamed on parents or the school.
    If you think any of this is wrong…well deal with it cuz we just covered this shit i know what im talking about

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