Some Guys Just Have That “Get Inside Me Now” Factor

It’s the way his chest hair pokes out from the top of his shirt. It’s his strong legs and a solid ass that would be perfect to hold onto while you’re on your back getting rammed mercilessly. It’s a confidence that comes through even in his photos, but not to the point where he seems so cocky and arrogant that it’s a turn-off.

It’s all of the qualities that make me want to straddle Argentine Manhunt member machito32BV and ride his cock until his balls are drained. Sure, we might both be versatile, but if we ever met in person, he’d have to pry me out of his crotch and demand that I slam his hole… And you know what? I’d comply with his request, because he’d be the boss for the night.

– Dewitt

See more of evidence about why I need this guy inside me below:







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10 thoughts on “Some Guys Just Have That “Get Inside Me Now” Factor

  1. I’m not picking up what you’re putting down with this one. Could someone please explain his appeal?

  2. If you don’t see it, someone explaining it to you won’t make you understand. I’m sure there are people who don’t see your appeal, but then there are those who do.

  3. Here’s the appeal: When somebody in the rest of the world says ‘cub,’ this is who shows up at your door. So far my experience in America is when somebody says cub, what shows up at my door is fat. When they say Bear, what shows up is obese. No offense to my plus size brothers, but keep it real, please.

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