The SHU Rugby Team Did That Stupid #MannequinChallenge The Right Way. Almost.

I say almost because there’s no todgers! That’s Olde’ British Slang for COCK! The SHU Rugby Team are a perfect example of why athletes from the UK are the BEST kind of athletes. They have no compunctions about getting arse and bollocks out naked! The SHU Rugby Team is a great example. They release a nude charity calendar every year cuz’ they’re civic-minded and very comfortable with their hot bodies. Even better, they’re accompanying their 2017 calendar with a vid of them doing that stupid #MannequinChallenge. Except unlike boring tricks like Taylor Swift and her lame friends on a beach, they’re in the locker room frozen nude!

Truth, they’re obscuring their cocks with hands and one guy is even mangina-ing his ala’ The Silence of the Lambs. But damn if they’re not all wet and ass up! I salute you SHU Rugby Team. With my boner.

You can also find some hot shots of these blokes on their Tumblr, and you can order their calendar here.

Michael Xavier

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