Short Guys Make Me Cum (Australian Remix)

Is it professionally acceptable for me to remix my own blog posts? The original “Short Guys Make Me Cum” featured a lightly fuzzy, 5’4″ Spanish Brazilian cutie named imaginarium87. The remix turns the volume up a notch with something a little more Australian, a little more personal (raw), and a little more only one of those two things I just mentioned.

Hailing from Melbourne, Manhunt member _v2_ stands at 5’4″ with a muscular build, a consistent scruffiness and seductive green eyes that have a tendency to twinkle (and make me want to take my pants off). He’s a versatile bottom with “no agenda” and “no type”, so if you’re anywhere near him, why don’t you roll the dice and find out whether you’re a match?

– Dewitt

Check out more pictures of this handsome fellow below:







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10 thoughts on “Short Guys Make Me Cum (Australian Remix)

  1. Nope! I love men of all heights, but guys who are a lot shorter or taller than me have a special appeal. ;P

  2. I almost hit a midget or little person driving last Sunday. I hadn’t seen a midget or little person in several years and especially a black little person or midget. Short guys and midgets need loving too. I find the little man on the ‘Game of Thrones’ to be sexy in his own way. I didn’t want to offend some out there, but I think the politically correct term is little people, not dwarf or midget. The term dwarf was used on the ‘Game of Thrones’.

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